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DAM..........Im sad

2009-05-26 10:19:49 by JDR1195

Recently, i've noticed how sad i am knowing MGA2 all the way through. Me resiting it to people, them thinking WTF and me just carrying on. But as i always say, oh well i just carry on doing it :) and i love it.

Click Here!!

I think there's some good artwork on there even though there's only two pieces. That's what i think, take a look for yourself.

Check out my Travis Touchdown!

2009-02-02 15:57:46 by JDR1195

It was going to do a flash called No More Awesome with it as a awesome parody. I had an idea of what to do in the flash but i couldn't be bothered. Anybody can have the idea, just ask me and if so credit me for the idea lol.

Check out my Travis Touchdown!

New flash project!

2009-01-11 12:28:23 by JDR1195

I'm in the proccess of doing a new flash movie with my new tablet. But im getting annoyed because im not used to symbols and i don't know what to do with them. So i'll brush up on my technique and finish it. The title is Adam's Apple.

Oh no im late 3- RELOADED!

2009-01-08 16:38:08 by JDR1195

I have started this project by myself ( with aaron 0710's permission) and i WILL finish it. With my voice and flash 'skills' i will finish THIS THING. SO LET'S ROCK, 80's STYLE. Even though some of you are not familliar with the OH NO IM LATE flash movie, check them out:
So i leave with a question?
What's 1+2?

OMG a tablet.

2009-01-04 12:29:51 by JDR1195

I bought one. Im so excited, it's like getting your first errr.... something cool.It's a WACOM which awesome. Here take a look at it, you may say 'that looks fine, i might get one myself or something in that range.'

OMG a tablet.

I do feel a bit shit!

2008-12-17 11:10:02 by JDR1195

I am kind of ashamed that im at the bottom of the christmas 2008 collection. It was worth a shot but im still happy im on it. But what are you going to do about it lol.
Also 8 days till christmas :)

How good we where?

2008-12-06 06:00:09 by JDR1195

Hi, lately i've noticed how good animations was about 20-40 years ago.
Like Mr Ben.

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Or the Magic Roundabout!

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And Rhubard and Custard.

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It shows that we don't need all this CGI to make a good animation (sometimes we do!) but just cheap drawing and a man doing all the voices.And i don't know if they showed these kid shows in like USA or something, but you may have seen them.


2008-11-28 15:28:31 by JDR1195

Hey Guys!
How are you? i was just wondering if you have seen my new christmas flash and i hope you recommend it for the Christmas Collection 2008 because that's what it's for. Sooooo enjoy and see you soon.


2008-10-24 16:11:30 by JDR1195

I know that tortue game 2 is old but it's still good. Anyway i killed the hulk :( i didn't mean to but i didn't do it in real life.